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How to remove rust on tile display stands?

05 7月 How to remove rust on tile display stands?

If you buy a poor quality tile display standtile display stand,how to remedy it? How to clean the rust on the tile display rack? Let’s take a look at the processing method.
Let’s first take a look at the key material for removing rust: pickling paste.It can improve the surface finish of the tile display rack,and form a dense and complete passivation film on the surface of the storage shelf.It can effectively extend the service life of the tile display stand.
How to deal with rust on tile display racks?Apply the pickling paste to the surface of the tile display rack.The thickness of the coating film is 0.5-2 mm.Generally,it costs 3-10 minutes.When the temperature is below 0 °C or when the scale is thick,it is necessary to extend the time appropriately.It is best to wash it with a brush several times when removing the rust,after the surface oxide scale is completely removed,rinse it with clean water (lime water or alkaline water) to avoid rust.
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