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How to place a single tile sample display stand?

28 6月 How to place a single tile sample display stand?

A single tile sample display stand usually displays a larger size tile for easy full-scale stereo display.In addition,the floor tiles are the recommended item that tile sellers prefer to promote,so most of the tile display stands on the market are 300*300, 330*330, 500*500, 600*600, 800*800,and the recommended use is more than 1000*1000,tile showroom display is more convenient.H1
The placement of a single sample display stand:Since it is necessary to give a separate display,it must be a key recommendation,so the placement should be conspicuous and easily attract the attention of customers.
Display angle: Angle:Because different tile display stand display angles are different,we had better follow the aesthetics that do not affect the customer,and maximize the customer’s benefit.
In addition to the appropriate angle,you should also use the exhibition spotlights that match the display stand.Don’t underestimate the role of the spotlights in the exhibition hall.Its additive effect on the display rack is very good.Under the mapping of the spotlights,the tiles and the tile display stand complement each other which are very beautiful.
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