What are the advantages of large-sized ceramic tiles?

16 1月 What are the advantages of large-sized ceramic tiles?

With the improvement of people’s quality of life and the change of aesthetic needs, the large-sized tile large-area paving show the open, luxurious and magnificent space, which is more and more popular. Therefore, large-sized ceramic tiles are also quite popular in the market.So what are the advantages of large-sized ceramic tiles?
Good overall effects
Laying style is splendid
Large-size ceramic tile laying style is generous, visually giving a feeling of extension and openness. In a large and open space,using large-sized tiles looks simple, elegant and high-end, so it’s very popular among the consumers.
The texture is more abundant
In product design, large-size ceramic tiles can carry more eombossed elements because of their large single-chip area.Therefore, the overall spatial texture pattern of the decoration is more complete and three-dimensional,and the details embodied in the brick surface are more abundant.
Less gaps and more easily to clean
Large-size porcelain tiles are easier to pave, and there are fewer seams, it is not easy to leave dirt, and is easier to clean, making the ground look cleaner and tidier.
Can be cut freely, mixed with multiple specifications
Large-size ceramic tiles can be cut at will, which can minimize waste, and can be combined with the needs of home decoration for multi-species mixing on demand.It can create different styles, deduct internationalized ways to create more diverse space effects.
Saving energy and environmentally friendly
It conforms to the concept of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. Due to its thin and light characteristics, the large-sized ceramic tiles per unit area use much less raw materials and energy than ordinary specifications.
Alternative effect
The green living concept of replacing ceramic stone with tiles has become a mainstream in recent years. Thanks to the inspiration of natural stone, ceramic tiles have become an excellent substitute for stone with richer texture, design and oversized specifications.
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