What are the styles of the tile holder display?

Push-pull type tile holder display,Page-turning type tile display stand,Reclining display rack,Combined display rack,Hanging display rack,Drawer display rack

14 1月 What are the styles of the tile holder display?

Every brand ceramic tile has a wide variety of styles,and as now the ceramic tile of specifications are made bigger and bigger,merchants need to through reasonable design of tile holder display or tile holder display or ceramic tile display stand,so all styles can be seen by customers,and promote the sales.Now let me introduce you several tile holder display styles.

Push-pull type tile holder display
In a compact store,you can use push-pull type tile display rack , its structure are similar to the sliding door,but with more tracks which can hold more sliding door.Each sliding door can display one to a few ceramic tiles, so the capacity is very considerable.

Page-turning type tile display stand
This kind of tile display is more beautiful, and the effcct is also very good, usually used in large exclusive stores. Its overall structure is like a huge tree, a set of loose-leaf pages are fixed on a common reel, and customers can view each tile as if they were flipping the book. And the merchants can also put the same brand or the same series of tiles together, so that customers can easily compare and choose their favorite models.

Reclining display rack
In the case of a small store,its another good choice.The push-pull design with rollers is convenient and labor-saving.The reclining type is at an angle to the person standing. Without lifting the head, various tiles are displayed under your eyelids.

Combined display rack
If you have a wide range of tile samples and different sizes, the combined display rack is the best choice. Just as its name implies,it is a combination of various display racks, such as flipping on the top of the display rack and reclining on the bottom.You can display smaller tile samples on the top and larger ones on the bottom,so that the tile display looks in apple pie order.

Hanging display rack
The hanging type is similar to the push-pull type,but the push-pull type is more labor-saving and is a good choice for displaying large-size tiles.

Drawer display rack
The drawer type display rack is provided with a roller track on both sides, which is light in operation and can be pulled freely with a small force after being loaded, and the positioning safety device is added, which is safe and reliable.Drawer display racks can neatly store the tiles together.Although customers can’t see the tiles at first sight, but when they are pulled out to watch, is it mysterious and surprised?

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